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Small team qualifies at our own show and goes on to win the Crufts final.
- Marc Wingate-Wynne with Mr Big
- Wendy Ashby with Becky
- Dave Howard with Ziggy
- Sarah Prentice with Lily

Qualified for Large Team - Fiona Vaughan, Jackie Gardner, Christine and Marc Wingate-Wynne and Traci

Beacon qualifies for the seventh time in eight years. The winning Team at Lansdown Show was:

 Jackie Gardner - Borderstorm Tom Boy Christine Wingate-Wynne - Woodsorrel Drives me Nuts
Traci Gaunt - Flynntastic Kyte Fiona Vaughan - Bheinn Trim
Reserve - Mark
Photo courtesy of Agility Eye

Beacon's qualifying team for 2007 and qualifying for the final

Jackie  with Glenn   Mark with Rags
Jason with JetFiona with Trim

Beacon have done it again, in the final for the third consecutive year this time coming second in the Crufts team agility finals.  The team consisted of;

Dave Howard
Alan Gardner
Joe Boy
Mark Wassall
Jackie Gardner
Touchango Glenn Boy        
Traci Gaunt
Wenyaready Trevor   
Fiona Vaughan
Brienn Trim

Photo Courtesy of Agility Eye


Mark Wassall   -   Rags
Dave Howard   -    Shep

Third place in the Finals. The team left to right Traci, Alan, Fiona, Jason,  Mark (res) and Jackie Gardner (team manager). The judge on the left is Jean Fotheringham.

Thanks to Jackie Gardner for undertaking the demanding role of team manager and achieving such a result.  The fifth consecutive year of  qualifying for Crufts finals.

Congratulations also to Nicola and Jo who ran for the winning team Derwent Valley.

Crufts Team 2004

Beacon made it to the final, coming 3rd to St. David's and Rugby.

The Team:

Dave Howard
with Shep

Fiona Vaughan

Traci Gaunt
with Trevor

Ann-Marie Mead

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