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Club trophies past and present are below. The current trophies, for prolific winner, best triers, and spirit of agility are awarded to Club members at the AGM each December.

Large DogMedium DogSmall Dog
Kayos - Nicola Garrett121No entriesNo entries
2011Kayos - Nicola Garrett
263Jude - Alan Gardner112Indi - Nicola Garrett232
Clay - Karen Ginster
  15Jude - Alan Gardner
2009Tom - Jackie Gardner114Jude - Alan Gardner274Indi -Nicola Garrett254
2008Del - Jackie Gardner167Jude - Alan Gardner287Indi -Nicola Garrett254

2007 Jude - Alan Gardner2006 Mini-Helen Nelson
2005 Mini Helen Nelson2004 Glen - Jackie Gardner
2003 Spec - Nicola Garrett      2002 Mac -Nicola Garrett
2001 Dee - Adam Froggatt2000 Joe Boy - Alan Gardner
1999 Mac - Nicola Garrett1998 Jadie - Alan Bray
1997 Twist - Ann-Marie Mead1996 Holly - Helen Massey
1995 Holly - Helen Massey1994 Holly - Helen Massey
1993 Misty - Nicola Garrett1992 Misty - Nicola Garrett
1991 Gill – Roy Wilce1990 Gill - Roy Wilce
1989 Lucy - Sandy Bell1988 Katie – Dave Powell

‘The Spirit of Agility’

Presented by the Club President

Awarded to the members who consistently
demonstrates enthusiastic endeavour
in a friendly manner

2014Wendy Ashby2013Marc Wingate-Wynne
2012Marc Wassell
2011Fiona Vaughan2010Barry Anslow
2009Karen Ginster2008Lesley Griggs2007Fiona Vaughan
2006Christine Wingate-Wynne2005Jill Buckland2004Ruth Ryder
2003Ken Wagg    2002Helen Nelson    2001Marion Jones
2000Ann-Marie Mead1999Jo Rhodes1998Nicola Garrett
1997Jackie Donnelly1996Barry Anslow1995Nicola Garrett
1994Traci Gaunt1993Wendy Ashby1992Traci Gaunt
1991Barry Anslow1990Alan Cooke1989Barry Anslow
1998Roger Hardwick1987Sandy Bell1986Jan Webb

Presented By Traci Gaunt

In memory of the dog who
put the word fun into agility
2013Lynne Jennings - Mia
Nicola - Boo
2011Tom - Meg
2010Sheena - Tango
Sheena - Tango
2009Sheena - Tango
2008Karen Ginster - Clay
2007Jack - Shortie
2006Jenny Barr-Jack
2005Alan Gardner-Matty
2004Emma Ginster - Bree
2003Karen Ginster - Willow
2002Robert Griffiths - Hari

Presented by Chris Wilce

(superceded by Jaff's

Penney on top of the world
2000 Helen Taylor    1999 Sue Corfield   1998 Barry Anslow
1997 Sue Corfield1996 Phil Lewis1995 Wendy Ashby
1994 Brenda Machale1993 Jackie Donnelly1992 Carl Stephens
1991 Jan Webb1990 Helen Dorman1989 Liela Nash
1988 Catherine Gick1987 Debbie Bell1986 Ross White

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