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Beacon Club was formed by former members of P.E.E.L. (now registered as Packington) Jan Webb, Tony Stackhouse, Dave and Pauline Powell and Brenda MacHale. They wanted to compete in Crufts team events. PEEL was not registered at the time so they started their own Club nearer to home Beacon was chosen as the name because of the proximity to Barr Beacon.

The Club was inaugurated at the Veseyan Sports and Social Club in 1985 and accepted by the Kennel Club a year later.

Early days were tough with few members, little equipment , loads of costs, and a suspicious host club. Dog clubs and field sports clubs can be an uncomfortable alliance. The equipment was mostly made out of scaffold planks and roof trusses or metal framework. It was stored in the hedge alongside the road.

At that time members had to pay the weekly subs whether they came to the Club or not.  The Club also raised funds through a sponsorship arrangement with local pet product supplier, Johnson's Vererinary Products, who have remained supportive to the Club ever since.

Before long Beacon had joined an inter-club league with Packington, Bromsgrove, and Worcester, holding 4 matches a year until the competition calendar became to crowded to continue. The early experience was a good testing ground both for new handlers and as preparation for our first open show in 1988

The Club of '90: At an Agility
exhibition at Birmingham's NEC.

Left to Right; Roger  Hardwick, Chris
Wilce, Nicola Garrett, Geoff Maguire,
Jackie Treagus, Tony Stackhouse
(the Club's first Chairman), Barry
Anslow, Roy Wilce.

The floor was slippery then too.

For many years the desire to win a team event was the main driver, but ironically spawned very good individuals but no team success. We tried everything but the frustration was tearing the club apart. In 1993 the Club decided to back-off arranging teams. From then on anyone could form a team and although the chances of winning are reduced the Club has been stronger and healthier as a result. Since 2002 the Club has had a team manger to improve our ratings in the team qualifiers.

In 1993 the Club had a bit of a
set-back when our Clubhouse was
detroyed by fire when a cowboy
plumber was let loose with a
blow-torch.  Training continued as
usual.  Some of our female members
did enjoy occasional glimpses of
naked rugby players running
between the Shower and Changing
Room portocabins. 

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