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Below is a list of finals winners and other significant results and events which I consider worthy as part of the Club's history.

If I have missed any finals winners, just let me know and I'll put it right.

Alan - Czech
Republic 2012
Crufts Small Team
winners 2014
Crufts Large Team
winners 2014
2002 Nic in
'World Record' Trevor
in a quiet moment.
Team to Norway
Beacon World
Champions 2003
Beacon World Champs Trio 
heading for Spain 2005


World Agility Open and Crufts:  Nic and Z qualified.

2018European Open Championships Nic and Z (Obay One Crazy Dude) qualified for the Great Britain Medium teams in Italy 27-30th July and the World Championships in the Czech Republic 5-8 October.  Nic and Z also qualified for the England squad for the 2018 WAO championships in Ermelo, The Netherlands.  They won first place in the Doggy Jumps Masters in September and came third in the British Agility Championship Finals.

European Open Championships, Italy: 27-30th July  Nicola and Z (Obay One Crazy Dude) qualified for the Great Britain Medium teams and also the World Championships in the Czech Republic 5-8 October.
World Agility Organisation Championships in the Netherlands In May Nic and Z won Gold and in August Nic won the Doggy Jumps Masters.
YKC European open junior Championships 13-16th July in Luxembourg Hahhah Thorp qualifies.

2016World Agility Open Champs: Nic and Kayos 4th qualification to this event coming 5th in the Pentathlon and 4th overall in the 8 classes.
UK Agility Masters: Nic with Kayos wins the agility coming 4th overall.
Nic and Z get the reserve ticket at the Welsh KC Champs in August.
IFCS World Championship, Netherlands: Sarah with Lily were selected as part of the Small Dog team.

WAO: Netherlands Sarah Prentice with Lily gets 2nd in Gamblers. Nicola with Kayos on third visit to WAO gets 6th overall in games event and 5th in Snooker event.
Ex member Marc W-W appointed by the KC as Assistant manager to GB Agility Team.
Crufts: Beacon Teams do the double. Both Large and Small teams win the Finals. Large: Alan with Jaydee, Mark, Nic and Fiona.  Small Team: Marc, Dave, Sarah, Sheena, Wendy (reserve).
Alan. Marc and Christine Wingate-Wynne are invited to be part of KC international squad for 2014.
World Agility Open Championships in Italy:
Nic qualifies with Sarah as reserve.


World Agility Open Championships-Spain: Marc with Mr Big wins the Biathlon Jumping and comes second in the Pentathlon Agility.

: Winners of the Small Team Finals - Marc with Mr Big, Wendy with Becky, Sarah with Lily and Dave Howard with Ziggy. Marc with Mr Big also win the KC British Open Small Dogs Agility - Jumping.

2012World Championships Liberec Czech Republic.  Alan Gardner with Jude in GB team get Bronze in medium agility against 26 countries. Marc Wingate with Mr Big also competed in Small and Sarah Prentice was a reserve.

World Championships in France: Nic and Indi represent Club and Country again.
Jack Greenwood and Bunty (GSD) wins the Novice Cup Final and the Kennel Club Festival.
Crufts - Team Large - Fiona Vaughan, Jackie Gardner, Christine and Marc Wingate-Wynne and Traci. In the Small Championships Nic comes 3rd in Round 1 Jumping, 2nd in Round 2 Agility and 3rd in the Final.

2010World Championships in Neiden, Germany: Nicola with Indie gets 6th in Agility and a good placing in Jumping.  This was Indie's fourth visit to the World Chamionships.
Marc won the Agility Voice Small dog of the year and Christine came 2nd in the Novice dog of the year.
Crufts-Nic wins the Small Championship Agility Final with Indi as well as the Agility and Jumping finals and qualifying heats,  Alan and Jackie Gardner also placed in the Medium and Large competitions respectively.

2009Traci is part of the CaniX Team UK 2009 for the 12th European CaniX Championship 9-11 October 2009, Sopron, Hungary
World Championships in Austria: Jackie with Tom, Alan with Jude, and Nic and Indi for qualified.  Nic came 3rd in the Individual Small Jumping and Jackie with the GB team came 3rd for the Large combined agility and jumping.
Ann-Marie with Scud and Nicloa with Indi qualified for the European Open 2009 held in Arnhem Holland in July 
Crufts- not televised but Nicky wins again with Indy not only the KC International Festival Agility Small Dogs Final , not only the Crufts Agility Championship Small but also most of the heats AND the KC Novice Cup with Wych.

2008World Championships in Finland: Alan with Jude and Nicky with Indy qualified.  Nicky and Indi came second in the Individual Small Jumping and helped the British team to 3rd place in the Combined Agility and Jumping Medium finals. Nicky with Indy helped the British Small team to 3rd in the Combined Agility and Jumping final.
Fiona wins CSJ final with Dee
Crufts:  Nicky wins all three of the International Triathlon events for Small dogs
 and also Small Dogs Agility Championship finals.   
See Nic and Indi's Champ runs on You Tube.

2007Olympia: Jackie Gardner qualified three dogs - we think that is a first for Olympia and comes 2nd in the KC Novice Agility Final with Del, and Marc Wingate-Wynne coming 4th with Wings. Also Nicola wins the KC Small Pairs relay with Indi and partner Peggy Briscoe, narrowly beating club mate Bernadette Bay (Obay Truly Wicked) into 2nd place with her partner.  Jackie also came 6th in the Medium finals with Jude.
World Championships in Norway: Alan with Jude and Bernadette with Zen helped the Great Britain team to 2nd place for
the Combined Agility and Jumping Medium finals. Nicky with Indy helped the British team to 5th in the Combined Agility and Jumping final.
Alan wins Superdogs and Spalding
Beacon in the Crufts team final again. Jackie, Jason, Fiona and Mark. Beating Solihull in the Semis but not in the Final.
Fiona and Nell win Crufts Championship Medium Finals again.  Also 3rd in the Championship Jumping - Medium
Alan gets placed in four Crufts International Pentathlon events.

2006Fiona wins Kennel Club Medium Agility Stakes Final at Olympia with Nell
Helen Nelson  gets 2nd in Kennel Club Agility Stakes Final with Chad
World Championships in Switzerland: Christine Wingate-Wynne qualifies Nuts.
Indoor training starts in December for an experimental period and is an instant success.
Nicola and Jo win the Pedigree Chum Pairs final
Nicola promotes her new dog Indy to senior within 40 minutes of first competing - another world record?
Beacon second in the Crufts team to Stafford, Alan Jackie, Tracy and Fiona.
Fiona and Nell win the Crufts Medium Agility finals.
2005Fiona (Nell) wins the Inaugural Midi Final at Olympia
World Championships in Spain. Nicol Garrett comes 5th in the overall Individuals table with Spec (6th Jumping, 9th Agility of 119).  Nicola also qualified Cody and Ann-Marie qualified with Scud.
Beacon comes third to Derwent Valley in the Crufts team. Derwent also have Beacon members, so 7 Beacon members in first 2 teams, again. and Ann-Marie, winner of the Agility Singles AND the Circular Knockout semi finals at Crufts.
2004Nicola comes 4th in the Olympia Agility Finals with Mac
World Championships Italy:Nicola represents Great Britain for the 4th consecutive year, with Spec.
Beacon comes 3rd in Agility Team Finals at Crufts (Fiona, Traci, Dave Howard, Ann-Marie.)
2003Nicola wins PC Gamblers
Fiona wins the Novice Classic and Dogs in Need.
Champions of the world: Great Britain wins against 30 other countries at World Championships Lievins, France: 2 of the team of 3 from Beacon, Nicola Garrett (Spec) and Jo Rhodes (Kelbie)
No annual Show in May this year
2002World Championships Dortmund Germany. Nicola Garrett comes 3rd in the Agility with Mac.
Beacon comes second to Derwent Valley in the Crufts team. Derwent also have Beacon members, so 7 Beacon members in first 2 teams.
2001Britain’s first team to compete at the World Championship (Portugal) has 2 Beacon members (Nicola Garrett (Mac) and Jo Rhodes (Kelbie).
Beacon wins Agility Eye Midland Club of the Year
Beacon gets a team to Crufts for the first time in the club’s history coming second to Derwent Valley.
Foot and mouth devastates the agility calendar, but the Beacon show goes on.
2000Britain’s first international team- by invitation to Oslo Norway : 4 of the team of 5 are Beacon members. Alan Gardner (Jo), Jackie Gardner (Glen – reserve), Jo Rhodes (Kelbie), Nicola Garrett (Mac). Jo wins the Agility and Knock-out. We also win the team event.
Jackie Gardner (Glen) wins PC Senior Classic final, Dogs in Need, Ipswich
Helen Taylor (Todd) wins Agility Needs Starters Jumping final at Derbyshire University.
1999Jo Rhodes and Nicola Garrett (Kelbie and Mac) win Agility Voice Pairs Knockout.
Alan Gardner (Joe Boy) wins PC Markies Novice Grand National
1998Jo Rhodes (Kelbie) wins Agility Dog of the Year
Alan Bray wins Senior Mini Classic
Nicola Garrett (Mac) wins PC Advanced finals at Suffolk
Jo Rhodes (Kelbie) wins Gamblers finals at Hemmel.
Beacon wins Flyball final at Crufts : Traci Gaunt (Trevor), Anne-Marie Mead (Jen), Jackie Donnelly (Bill), and Nicola Garrett (Neeko). Jo Rhodes on balls.
Our 4-way Inter-Club competitions cease because of increased number of agility shows.
1997Melvin Lilley’s Archie is Agility Eye Starter Dog of the Year
Traci Gaunt (Jaf) wins Jump and Drive final at Chatsworth
Selena Bray’s Jade is Novice Mini Dog of the Year
Anne-Marie Mead’s Twist is Agility Voice Starter Dog of the Year
Traci and Trevor beat their own World Record for 60 weaves twice. (15.29 then 14.85 secs)
Mini hurricaine at Beacon Show flattens 90% hurdles and blows away tunnels.
Bruce Newman wins something?
1996Traci and Trevor set a world Record for 60 weaves (15.31 secs) at Easter Extravaganza.
Jo Rhodes’ Kelbie is Agility Club Voice Novice Dog of the Year.
1995First Beacon team to a PC Final.
Clubhouse re-opens Nov.
Nicola Garrett (Gadget) wins KCJO Crufts Agility competitions.
Chris Foster (King) wins Spillers Knock-out Tournament.
1994A tough year - No finals wins but our Show goes on, without Clubhouse.
1993Nicola Garrett (Misty) wins PC Junior over 12 Classic
Clubhouse destroyed by fire caused by a careless plumber. Training contines
1992Roy Wilce (Gillee) wins Pro-Dogs Agility Dog of the Year
Roy Wilce (Gillee) wins Tex Chunks Agility Stakes final
1991Sandy Bell (Lucy) wins Royal Canin Masters final
Club’s Floodlights installed over training area. Evening training starts.
Sandy Bell (Lucy) and Dave Blackshaw win PC 2 dog relay final for second year.
1990Sandy Bell's Lucy wins Agility Club Agility Dog of the Year.
Nicola Garrett wins Spillers Junior Handler of the Year (over 12)
Sandy Bell (Lucy) and Dave Blackshaw win PC 2 dog relay final.
Nicola Garrett (Misty) wins KC Junior Organisation Agility Final
Sandy Bell (Lucy) wins PC gamblers finals
1989Sister Club Veseyan Obedience for Agility formed
Dave Powell (Katie) wins PC Agility stakes final at Olympia for second consecutive year.
1988Dave Powell (Katie) wins Vet Health Senior Agility Final
Dave Powell (Katie) wins PC Agility stakes final at Olympia
Beacons first KC open show
1986Beacon registered with Kennel Club, the first Agility-only club
1985Beacon inaugural meeting
Life Members
Tony Stackhouse1990
Roy Wilce2000
Jan Webb2004
Barry Anslow2006

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