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The Committee for 2017 is Wendy Ashby, Barry Anslow, Alan Flynn, Stuart Marshall, Jan Webb and Roy Wilce.

Also below is the Beacon Bits and Pieces; the guidelines and philosophy of the Club.

Wendy Ashby
Champion of all Mini and Midi causes, and
a great many others besides, A conscientious
and willing worker. Can always be relied upon.
Barry Anslow - Club Secretary 
Long time member, dedicated and hardworking
Mr. Fix-it. Never misses a detail, even to
supervising the packing of the equipment shed.
Jan Webb - Treasurer
Also a founder member and the best treasurer
the Club has ever had. Anything she does not
know about accounts her daughter does. Jan
has been competing in agility longer than
anyone in the Club, and with the biggest
variety of dogs. She claims it was her
comedians Bryn and Mutley who prevented her
getting out of starters for 8 years

Roy Wilce - President
No longer competing but with a wealth of
experience at all levels. Originally drove his wife
Chris to the inaugural Beacon meeting in 1985, joined
because the club at the time had a bar, and came out of
the meeting as president. Did not compete or
even dog-train for 2 years until he became too
free with advice to wife Chris on how to handle
their dog, Gill.

Stuart Marshall
New to the committee in 2015 Also a long standing member and significant contributor to the running of the Champ shows.

Below are guidance notes for new and prospective members of the Club.

The Club :
The Club is known as 'Beacon Agility Dog Training Club'. It was formed in October 1985 and became K.C. Registered in Nov. 86.

Aims & Objectives:By employing firm but kindly training methods, the Club will endeavour to train dogs to be obedient and take part in Agility competitions.
Great emphasis is placed on the fun element of Agility training and the welfare of the dogs is our main consideration.

A committee of up to nine members, who meet regularly to resolve Club matters, controls the Club. Any Club member can ask the committee to include items of concern on the agenda. A copy of the formal constitution can be obtained from the Club Secretary.
The Club meets at ren's Nest Farm, Skip Lane, WS5 3RB.

Membership:Annual subscriptions become due on October lst. Non members may attend training for up to three occasions, after which, they must decide whether they wish to become members. The Committee may limit membership according to equipment and training resources available. Members for less than 6 months may not be able to vote for all motions at an AGM as predetermined by the committee.


Membership is payable quarterly (by standing order only) or in advance annually, irrespective of the number of dogs trained or days of the week.

Dogs Eligibility:Dogs must have attained an acceptable standard of obedience training before they can be accepted to the Club. Dogs under the age of twelve months will not be allowed to train on the equipment, owners of larger breeds are strongly advised to extend this period until the bones are properly set. Experienced competition handlers may train their own puppies from 6 months old providing they use common sense and are aware of the potential risks.
Winter training from late September is Wednesday evenings indoors from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.
Summer training outdoors from April is Wednesday evenings at the Club 7.00pm to 9:00pm. though times may vary with daylight hours. There is no formal training of the handler, training in this context means the handler training the dog.

Insurance:The Club will maintain insurance against bodily injury to third parties or damage to their property at events held by the Club. Members are strongly advised to insure themselves and their dogs against injury, potential loss of earnings, and legal liability in respect of injury to third party or damage to their property.

Dog Control:
Dogs must be kept on a lead when not being trained and should be tied if left unattended.

Exercising:Members are asked to exercise their dogs before they arrive at the venue; if necessary dogs may be exercised round the margins of the field off the cut grass area. Should any dog foul the cut grass areas or Car Park, then the handlers are responsible for clearing up.

Equipment:Members are asked to assist in setting up the equipment and putting it back into storage after use. Members unable to attend for the whole training session should make a special attempt to help in either the setting up or clearing away.
All members take joint responsibility in highlighting any potential safety hazard and discouraging use of equipment which become unsafe.

Club Kit:
Sweatshirts, and Tee-shirts can be ordered through the Agilitywear website.

This page updated 16 Oct 2017. Comments, corrections? contact roy@beaconagility.org.uk